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COLT - Eleven RARE Engraved Pistols



One Auction for Eleven Engraved Colt Pistols

For the man who has almost everything - this should put you over the top!

- One of fewer than 10 Shooting Masters that were FACTORY ENGRAVED. A super RARE gun with a letter indicating it was used as a Colt display piece. Shipped in a shipment of ONE in 1935, and returned and reshipped several times to prominent Colt dealers around the country.

- Four Officers Models – 2 Specials and 2 Matches - acquired together and kept as a set. All have ivory grips and letters. These guns were shipped on the same day in 1951 as part of two shipments to Von Lengerke & Antoine of Chicago for a W.L Runzel, Jr.

- Two pre-war Officers Model Target .22s. One of these guns is serial number 20240 (1938) which is documented as a factory sample gun and one of the “most traveled of the sample guns” – it is pictured on page 306 of the Wilson/Hable book. The other gun, is undoubtedly factory engraved and is in the original box – 1937 - but no letter. There were only about 20 pre-war .22s that were factory engraved.

- Officers Model .22 Target that is engraved in a non-standard pattern, and for which there is no letter -1941. Neither the current owner nor I have attempted to letter this gun. It appears to be an original engraved gun, but with no documentation. If the gun letters, it would mean this collection contains three of only approximately 20 pre-war factory engraved .22 Officers Models in existence.

- Officers Model Target .38 with letter. Shipped in shipment of ONE to W. C. Stanley, President of the Gamerrell Company, Newton, Mass. 1938

- Officers Model Special .22 with letter. Shipped in a shipment of ONE to La Paz, Bolivia, 1952

- Officers Model Match .38 with letter. Shipped in a shipment of ONE to Von Lengerke & Antoine of Chicago, 1955.

This is a singular opportunity. The price is non-negotiable, and the package will remain intact. Most of these items have been in the same collection for more than 18 years, and are only now being offered for a limited time.

This is a great deal of money, but opportunities like this are priceless – if you can afford them.



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Shooting Master

Officers Model Match 22 Pair

Officers Model Pre-War 22 - Non Standard

Officers Model Pre-War 22

Officers Model Pre-War 22 Factory Display

Officers Model Pre-War 38

Officers Model Special 22 Pair









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